Hi honey! Welcome to Honey Wild — A journal of creation, inspiration and passion by me, Gina. Here, you’ll be able to visit my past projects/portfolio, book photo sessions and follow along with me as I navigate the world as a 23 year old girl boss in a series of weekly blog posts, video inspiration + more! Honey Wild is more than a brand, oooh girl… it’s a lifestyle. #sheshoneywild

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Who am I?

I’m Gina! A freelance photographer, content creator and blogger based in the DMV area (Maryland, D.C + Virginia) I love Jesus, road trips and wild flowers. I’m a boho babe who just recently quit her full time job to pursue her passion! Wanna be friends? Follow me on the instagrams! @sheshoneywild. Learn more about me in the ‘about’ section of my website! xoxo