Our Story

Before we begin, I just want to give a shout out to my talented friend, Nate, who created this beautiful video & photos of Brandon and me. He captured us so perfectly. Please give him a follow and check him out: Website + Instagram

The Story of Us…

His name is Brandon. The boy who was my best friend. Our phone conversations lasted just before the sunrise consisting of laughter and probably silly stupidity until one of those late night phone convos ended with a “will you be my girlfriend?” I was only 13…


We grew up together as time progressed. I’ve spent a lot of my life with him. He was my life. It was high school when the questions started being asked from my friends, family and random strangers…

“well, you guys are just too comfortable with each other, right?”

“you don’t want to date anyone else?”

“aren’t you afraid of missing out?”

I’ll be honest, throughout our relationship, I did have those thoughts. It wasn’t perfect. We were angry teenagers. We fought, got into trouble, we did things we both shouldn’t have done and we fell out of our young love. However, no matter how many times we ‘broke up’ or fought, we would find our way back to each other somehow. Then I moved away to college…


We were long distance for 2 long years. My normal was gone and I was forced to ‘discover’ myself 5 hours away from my family, friends and him. It seemed like his birthdays always had to be celebrated with FaceTime calls since I had to go back to school a few days before. Even though it was hard extremely hard at times, Brandon never once questioned why I was going. He never held me back in anyway. For this, I am SO grateful. I was able to experience so much more than what a lot of people have. I went away to school, learned new things, met amazing people, lived in New York city 3 different times and I was able to find my passion at a very young age.

Even though he was always supportive of whatever I wanted to do, it was hard. And sometimes it felt unbearable when we weren’t getting along. I had to face the facts and realize that Brandon and I had simply just lost connection. We both knew we needed a change. So finally, I graduated, started my full time job and moved into my new place about an hour away from him and my family. I decided to start fresh and we officially broke up…


I felt like I was having a mental break down and started experiencing seasonal depression and adjustment disorder. I felt lost, unmotivated and stuck. Even though we weren’t together, Brandon always answered the phone whenever I needed to just talk. It was like he was patiently waiting for me and respecting my decision to ‘find myself’.

While I was soul searching…I ended up finding Lighthouse church in Glen Burnie, MD and I became obsessed. I LOVE pastor Sammy and his messages. He’s honestly so relatable and cool I just can’t even handle it lol. After being lifted by his messages, I decided to pray for my future and ask Jesus to just lead me where I needed to go.

I started feeling confident in myself again, through Jesus. I started thinking about what I wanted to do and became excited about life. However, it was so hard dreaming about these things without Brandon in the picture. I wanted him to be apart of everything. I honestly could not see anyone at the end of the aisle besides him when I imagined my wedding. Our connection was so powerful…

Brandon was going through a tough time during this period too. I’ll always remember a night he came over as a friend, sat down on a chair and told me that he wanted to change his life. His eyes were so sincere. He wanted to do this for himself and not for me. So, right then and there we decided we would continue to work on ourselves so when and if we got back together, we would be the best versions of ourselves to support a healthy relationship. Brandon also knew the importance of my faith. How I wanted my faith to be the center of my life. 


One day, as I was packing up my things to move out of my apartment to start my own business, I was listening to pastor Sammy online. I had a mix of emotions. I was scared, unsure and I tried giving everything to Jesus. I prayed about the situation everyday. Asking God that if Brandon and I were meant to be, to just show me something or let me know somehow.

As I was packing up my little apartment, I heard pastor Sammy say something along the lines of taking a leap of faith in your new business and your relationship. Specifically those two things right in a row. Like what? It was like he was speaking directly to me. After hearing that, I remember getting on my knees just crying about everything. How scared I was to leave my current stable job, and how confused I was about our relationship. Then, I felt His peace. God was telling me that it would be okay and that I needed to take that leap of faith. I had a conversation with God that was powerful and left me with this: With Him, all things are possible. Jesus has answered so many of my prayers and I knew that God had changed Brandon’s life. I have literally watched Brandon transform from a boy to a man that is patient, kind, respectful and loves me so much. This connection Brandon and I always had was because we were meant to be… and God knew it all along. Why was I holding back? The love of my life was right here the entire time.


When it was finally time to move out of my apartment with new dreams in my heart, I was ready. I had a conversation with Brandon that changed us. We decided one more time. To turn the normal and comfort of our relationship into something new. It was time for us to get to know each other again and really start over. Since that day, nothing has been the same. We are totally in love all over again like nothing before and it has been wild… 


I see God’s story for us. Things that didn’t make sense to me before are starting to become clear. Brandon was always the one for me and getting to grow up with the man of my dreams is truly so special. Our relationship is so strong and I’m so ready to take on the world with him. Wherever you go, I go too, B. Taking this leap of faith with you has been the best decision of my life. <3


Thank you to our family + friends for all of your love and support throughout our relationship. To those of you who are reading: I hope you experience a love & happiness like mine… and if you haven’t yet, keep praying and maybe take that leap of faith ;)

Until next time, xoxo - g.

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