That’s right. I said it. I QUIT! I left my secure, full time 9-5 dream job to pursue my true passion. Here’s HOW I DID IT —

2014 — I thought I wanted to be a teacher. …and then discovered I didn't really love kids that much and decided fashion was WAY cooler. I applied to work at an Aeropostale in the mall and got the job right away as a ‘style specialist’. My mom used to take photos of me on my first generation iPhone wearing my Aeropostale outfits. I would quickly upload the photo to Instagram (like OG Instagram!) and Aero would repost. Later in the year, I found myself working in the corporate office as a social media intern where I found my passions: social media marketing, photography + blogging.

2015 — The year I moved to college. I moved to Kent State University to study fashion merchandising + marketing. I made new friends, discovered who I was and what I loved doing. I spent another summer in NYC working for Aeropostale traveling to LA for photoshoots and learning more about social media marketing.

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2016 — The year I moved to NYC. …with my best friend! We spent a semester learning more about the fashion industry. I worked for Free People as a stylist, and interned with Creeds Collective, a marketing and brand strategy agency.

2017 — The year I was freaking out. My last semester of school spent in Ohio where almost every waking moment consisted of “where am I going to end up after college?”. Every night was spent searching for and applying to jobs, creating mock-ups, portfolios…you name it. Then, I graduated. I moved back home and worked at the cutest little beauty shop doing social media marketing + landed an internship at a local fashion brand: South Moon Under. I worked every single day for 2 months until I got my dream job. I packed my bags and moved into my big girl apartment.

This was what I went to school for. I did it. I made it. It was my DREAM…or so I thought. I can’t even begin to explain my love for the people of South Moon Under. How talented and hilarious those people are. My lifelong friends. I am SO blessed to have had that job right after school. I learned more than I could have ever imagined about social media, fashion, photography, blogging, influencer relations, marketing and the simple fact that the corporate world wasn’t for me. I worked at South Moon Under for a little over a year. It only took 3 months to discover that I wanted something more. Something that was my own.

2018 — The year it happened. On January 1st, 2018 Honey Wild was born. Still working at South Moon Under, I launched my brand. 8 months later, I left my secure job, packed my bags and moved back to my hometown and I have never been happier. Long story short, I took a leap of faith, prayed and decided: “I CAN DO THIS!” Guess what? You can too. Let’s do this thing together homegirl. Welcome to Honey Wild, a story of a girl with a dream.

With a little bit of love + lots of honey,

xoxo - gina

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