Setting Goals for 2019


It’s November 2018. Is anyone else freaking out? 2019 is about to be a BIG year. Like nuts. From moving, to new business opportunities, to life changes + more… it’s gonna be wild. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how I’m planning for the new year as a girl boss in 5 different ways:


  1. Plan + Starting my New Year’s Resolutions EARLY

    There’s about 50 something days left of 2018. It’s time to finish this year out strong and start my resolutions like ASAP. Here are a few of mine:

    • Reconnect with God (daily routine)

    • Set business hours

    • Exercise everyday

    • Expand Honey Wild

    • Get Organized

  2. Updating my Routine

If you’re a fellow girl boss, you know everyday is different and you may not have a set routine. This is HUGE for me in 2019. I am someone who needs structure and a daily to-do + schedule. If you’re like me, you know that not everything on your to-do list gets done within that day and it’s a good reminder to know that it’s okay. You know when you get your best work done. For me, it’s between 6am — 9am when no one is awake and most people are off email. However, I can’t always get myself to wake up that early everyday but it’s something I’m working on! My goal is to be able to wake up by 5:30 AM, grab my coffee, and get in the zone until 9 AM. Then, go for a walk, give myself a break and work until around 3pm and UNPLUG. When updating your routine, give yourself that time to completely be done. Shut your laptop, silence your phone and live a little…until the next weekday that is ;)

3. Reorganize

My living situation is a little complicated at the moment and my work space usually consists of my bed or a coffee table. Needless to say, homegirl needs a daily desk. I love a good cafe to work in every now and then.. however, my own office filled with beautiful imagery and inspiration would be a dream. My goal for January of next year is to at least have a proper desk with organized folders, contracts, tax papers and all of that boring stuff my mom is helping me with :) thx mom.

4. Plan Vacation Time Every Month

AKA the fun stuff. Whether it’s traveling to another country or just a weekend trip a few hours away.. give yourself a monthly break! Having something to look forward to each month helps me stay motivated and inspired. A couple places I’m going to next year is Vermont, Jamaica, Haiti + Florida!


For real. Think of how many hours a week you spend on your phone and what you’re really missing. I love my job but geeeeez, sometimes social media can make my head spin. Whether you decide to do this for a few hours each day or take a long break, you’ll be surprised how good you feel. I’m going on a cruise in just a few days and I cannot wait to be off the grid and have ZERO internet access.

To the girl bosses in the room, I hope this inspired you. What are your goals and how are you staying on top of the game? Cheers to starting 2019 new year resolutions in 2018!

With a little bit of love + lots of honey,

xoxo - gina

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