Why Am I a photographer

Photography is truly the study of light. The way the light falls on a subject is what differentiates snapshots from portraits. That's why photographers (myself included) will always recommend locations where they know the light. Where we know the light will help us deliver stunning images. Light, and the way it can change a photo is what initially drew me into photography. But, what also drew me in was the challenge. Light is always changing, the landscape is always changing, not everyone wants photos in a forest, or field. I share this so you know when you hire me to capture these monumental moments in you, and your families lives, I don't take it lightly. I don't show up with my camera and click a button. It's more than that. To me it's about delivering photos that I, myself, would like. Photos that I take pride in. So, when I had a senior ask for an urban feel for their photos my first thought was "I've never shot there, what if I can't deliver" my second thought was "challenge accepted". The last few days I have spent preparing for tonight's senior session in the city. I have walked all over downtown Grand Rapids taking cell phone pictures of potential spots for shooting, grouping these photos in "zones" so the night of we aren't walking in circles, sending these cell phone photos to my client to make sure I am on the right track when it comes to their vision, sitting studying the light as it fades,(and maybe enjoying the rare quiet moment), bribing one of our 5 kiddos (Thanks Tessa ) to give up a few hours of their busy life in order to help me find the perfect angles, where the light and the setting are just right, and prepping a posing flow so that, hopefully, your session moves seamlessly making a relaxed experience for everyone. I do this for every session. I want to go into every session, your session, prepared, and ready to give you the best experience. It's more than a click of a button, and I love it.

Women looking of Grand Rapids
Women looking over the city hands on heart
Grand Rapids Marriot behind women