A common question I hear from potential clients is "When should I schedule my maternity photos?" The simple answer is between 32 - 36 weeks. Planning your maternity session takes time, and because the ideal time frame for maternity photos is only a month, you'll want to schedule sooner rather than later. Read below to learn more about when to book and when to take your maternity photos.

Why 32-36 weeks?

Between 32-36 weeks your bump is prominent, and poppin'. It will be clear in your maternity portraits that you're pregnant and, more importantly, it is also before you reach full term. You want to avoid a maternity session at full term for a couple of reasons:

  1. Those last few weeks you can feel majorly uncomfortable
  2. There's always the possibility that you can go into labor at any point after reaching full term. And once that baby comes, the opportunity for maternity photos is gone.

Both of the above points are important. The look of discomfort does come through in photographs. And maternity poses can be a bit tricky when your center of gravity is off. We also want to make sure that we're not doing anything to induce early labor. Maternity sessions involve a lot of movement, which can move things along if you're close.

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Pregnant With Multiples?

Another factor to consider is how many babies are in that belly. When you're expecting multiples, of course the time frame needs to be adjusted. It means that your bump will be more prominent earlier and you’ll be less comfortable earlier as well. Typically we can move things up a month or so. But it really does depend upon your pregnancy and if we’re talking about twins or triplets.

High-Risk Pregnancies

Not every pregnancy is smooth sailing. A high risk pregnancy can affect the timing for your maternity session. You may need to schedule your session earlier, or it may just put limitations on the location, and posing for your maternity session. If your pregnancy is consider high-risk it is best to speak with your medical provider first to determine the best course of action. Based on what they recommend, we might need to adjust our schedule. It is all very individual.

When booking your maternity photographer, I recommend bringing up any medical related concerns. It is helpful for us to know, so we can keep the session as safe as possible.

When is the Best time to book your maternity session?

I definitely recommend booking sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the less likely your desired date will be available. Since maternity sessions are time sensitive it is not as flexible as a family session. If a family photo shoo needs to be postponed for some reason, it usually isn't that big of a deal. While I always try to schedule in a way that allows for reschedule dates close to your original session date, I do book up quickly, especially during those busy months of summer.

I reccomend booking your maternity session no later than your second trimester. This gives you time to pick the perfect session date and time for you.

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Maternity and newborn sessions

The bonus of booking your maternity session early is that it's a good reminder to book your newborn session. Booking your maternity session and newborn session at the same time saves you time and money! You'll hear me say often that baby is in charge, and this is definitely true when it comes to when babies choose to make their grand appearances. Newborn sessions require flexibility. Due to this need, I only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month, and these spots fill up fast! Booking both your maternity, and newborn session at the same time ensures that you are on my official "baby watch" list, and guarantees your spot in my newborn session schedule. (Plus, if you book your maternity and newborn session together you save 10% off both sessions!)

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