What can I say about the Jones family? There are truly not enough words to describe how wonderful this family is. Mom, Dad, and three girls, all radiating with happiness, compassion, and above all else kindness. We started our time on the edge of the forest that leads to the beach. Here we made sure to grab the quintessential Christmas card photo with the whole family, including their three dogs! (Note: all three dogs understood the assignment and smiled happily for their picture!) The purple wild flowers were the perfect compliment to the rich golden light that enveloped this beautiful family.

We continued our evening with a short hike through the thick woods full of hemlock and beech trees until we came into an opening, where the deep, dark, woods, met the bright, sands of the West Michigan lakeshore. While we waited for the sun to kiss Lake Michigan we took advantage of the rolling sand dunes, and tucked ourselves behind one of these small hills, resting in the cool evening sand.

Finally, Mother Nature put on her spectacular evening show. Boy was it ever a dazzling show, the most perfect cotton candy sky, a resplendent Pure Michigan sunset! A sunset deserving of this sweet family. All three girls stole my heart that night. Pre-teen G, smart, intuitive, on the cusp of that all too bittersweet next stage of life; teenager-hood. R, compassionate, empathetic, with her cute little gap toothed smile indicative of being 7 year olds. And, Baby S, little miss sunshine, the entertainer, and her endless waves and babbling.

While we may have walked into this session as strangers, I really came out of that session feeling like I had just spent the evening with friends. I look forward to watching this darling family continue to grow and provide joy to everyone who has the pleasure to know them.

Thank You Jones Family for a wonderful, memorable summer evening.